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Be Wyld. Be Wyrd. Be Humble.


About Kat

Wyrd: The Celtic concept of personal destiny.

My wyrd growing up in life has always led me to the arts. My dad loves to brag about a drawing I did when I was about 3 or 4 years old, saying that "She knew the difference between mommy's black hair and daddy's brown hair." Later in life, a middle school teacher commented to my parents that they'd never seen a kid who was so confident in what they wanted to do when they grew up. Some of my most influential memories are those of my uncle and I exploring the downtown galleries and photographing interesting shapes and colors. I can go on and on with examples.

It was in design where I got really pumped about what I was passionate about. Solving a problem for someone and being able to elevate something and create something with a lasting, communicative impression was definitely where my wyrd was leading me - and like a river I went with the flow.
Before I was even accepted into the design track at the University of Louisville I landed my first internship as a designer (or tadpole, as I was affectionately called) for Red Toad Media. From there I balanced positions as an in-house senior designer with an international print-on-demand giant and several small and mid-scale businesses - mostly with focuses in e-commerce and user experience.

Working in-house taught me some many lessons about what I would want in a business, both internally and as a consumer - which is where I found the passion to start freelancing  on the side and thus Wyld Craft was born. Don't get me wrong though, I'm not shrugging full time because I know there's a lot I can still learn and experience from an agency or other design biz.

When I'm not in the office, or working on Wyld Craft, I juggle what's left of my time between skating for my local roller derby team, feeding my self-esteem with bellydance classes, playing horror-esque games on my PS4, or getting more in-tune with my spiritual practices. I'm also the caretaker of a very spoiled maine coon named Wilbur, and ball python named Kali-ma.

Stay Wyld 🌙,


Currently Interested in full-time in-house or part-time freelance OPPORTUNITIES.

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